About Us

Shop Local Roofers is an extension of these successful businesses.We are here to assist you by connecting you to the best located right in your backyard.
Shopping local means eliminating the risk of losing money to a fly by night contractor
Shopping local  removes the risk of needing roofing services down the road from a company that is no longer servicing your area.

We work exclusively with the most reputable companies who simply need a greater reach in order to serve the sudden and unfortunate increase of homeowners in need of assistance NOW!

Shop Local Roofers is an extention of these successful businesses. We are here to assist you by connecting you to the best located right in your backyard.

Our reps and affiliates will provide you with immediate assitance and we will walk you through your home and auto claims process from start to finish.

Let us Assist you!

Complimentary Inspection

Emergency Repairs

Insurance Adjusters Meetings

Customer Onboarding with local contractor


We connect you to a local company commited to helping neighborhoods in need


We complete a thorough inspection and assessment of damages to ensure your repairs are done right the first time


We are here to help when you need us. Just a phone call away and happy to answer any questions you may have during the process.


We are commited to providing you with excellent service up until the very end. From start to finish you can count on us!

Our Affiliates

We connect you with local companies who have established a reputation for providing first- class service and are easily accessible via a quick Google search.

Reduce Risk

We seek to provide peace of mind in all that we do, including our payment process. You the insured will be asked to provide proof of payment and the scope of work estimated by your provider. Payment is not due until the day of build in the form of a cashiers check directly to our affiliates. Some contractors may request a deposit to be added to the build list.

Our Agents

Our roof inspectors are highly trained and capable of scailing accessing, and determining whether a claim is necessary for roof and property damage.

Relief Services

With the support of our affiliates, a homeowner sign an agreement that our contractors can bill their insurance provider, which enables us to offer them emergency disaster relief, tarping, window boarding, etc...


Our local auto affiliates are held to the same standard as our roofing professionals. Please contact any affiliates mentioned during your time spent with our agent to validate conversation.

Help & Support

Please contact Support@shoplocalroofers.com

855-223-2096 With additional questions and concerns.

Locations We Have Served

Dallas TX
San Angelo TX
Miami Florida
Denver Colorado

" Peace of Mind"

My rep gave me options on companies I could use locally. I did my research and all 3 of them came up in my local roofing search. I felt good going into the process and even better after the company they connected me with took over!
Donald Fuller
Dallas TX
This was my first hailstorm experience as a homeowner.I'm thrilled i didn't get it wrong.Mark- My roof is great.They did what they said they were going to do; I highly recommend the service.
Barbara Smith
Denver Colorado
When they knocked at my door, I said ah that’s interesting, this wasn’t my first experience, and these guys will say anything. However, I googled the companies they all seemed legit, so I said let’s see what happens. My roofs great they did what they said they were going to do; I highly recommend the service.
Mark Sommers
Miami Florida

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